Our Childcare and Preschool Curriculum

Little Footsteps Academy LLC employs the following combination curriculums in weekly lesson plans:


  • Learn Everyday

  • Nemours

  • Beyond Centers and Circle Time

  • Beyond Cribs and Rattles


This curriculum enables our teachers to be intentional about the experiences they offer, while retaining the flexibility to be responsive to the changing needs and abilities of our children. We encourge children to choose freely from a wide range of play and learning experiences and, in doing so, help them to recognize, understand and express their own emotions as well as to sympathize with the emotions of others.


Our school offers a variety of programs that include opportunities for creative self-expression. These enrichment activities are offered to the children at no additional cost.

Our days are planned so that children will:


  • Be safe.

  • Feel Secure.

  • Receive individual attention and affection.

  • Develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults.

  • Develop self-discipline.

  • Experience successes in order to develop a positive self-image.

  • Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others.

  • Develop intellectual and physical skills.