Programs and Tuition

We offer a 10% sibling discount!

This applies to the oldest child's tuition.

Want a 5% discount?

Just pay the month's tuition in full by the 3rd of the month!

We also offer this discount for First Responders & Law Enforcement! 

Preschool teachers working with infants and toddlers at a childcare center.

Tuition includes: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and beverages.


Enrollment Fee (new child): $150

Annual Materials Fee (August): $75

Infants 6 weeks to 12 months:      

     5 days ($200) - Includes formula and baby food

     (Full Time Only)


Toddlers 12 - 24 months:  

     5 days ($188 weekly)  


Toddlers 2 years of age: 

     5 days ($178 weekly) 


Preschool (3  years of age and potty-trained):

     5 days ($168 weekly) 

Preschool (4 years of age and potty-trained)

    5 days ($160 weekly

 Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) Program 

     5 days from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m (FREE)    


VPK Aftercare:

     5 days ($123 weekly) 




Tuition costs are weekly payable through Smartcare

*Specific days of the week agreed upon in advance

We Participate in Early Learning Coalition Funding!